L'Eau Noire 2

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Mixed media, framed on canvas (2003-2019) Dimensions: height 33cm, width 24cm, depth 6cm
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For LM, painting is a parallel language. For his 30 first years of practice, he used this medium as a therapeutical tool and silent companion. In 2019 LM destroyed most of his production, keeping the essential works, reminders of his own journey. Some pieces have been worked on for decades, in search of self-validation, understanding and spiritual freedom. LM’s actual approach to painting is now frugal and precious, embodying a quest toward simple acceptance, balance, reflection and peace.

'In a moment of pure stillness, I see all the colours of the world and beyond. My brain fills up the void and a landscape of waves crashing on the shores appears. Now a complex composition of clouds takes over the horizons, and I live fully the effect of your lips on my mouth. Colour-Crashing'! LM