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Paris, NYC, Malta, London, Amsterdam: this is the journey of Laurent Muller, migrating since 20 years from Industrial Design (MA-ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Paris) to Ceramic (self-taught and now teaching at AKB-Amsterdam an intuitive approach to throwing). A polymath at heart, LM creates complex bodies of works encompassing Vessels, Objects, Paintings and Photographies, as complementary languages of emotion. His 25 years of paintings are linked to his studies of psychotherapy in London, and observe the unconscious depth of pains and pleasures. His furniture (1st collection launched in Milan in 2013), mainly conceptual, are pure forms in space, whilst his ceramics (debut in 2019) burst, from an intuitive approach, a poetic form of sensibility, with an obsession for DNA, belonging and roots of inspiration. His corpus remains his way to feel the world, to be in the world.


Migrant artist for the past 20 years, and fascinated by history of art & design, Laurent Muller delves with each series of ceramic work into the past and cultural heritage, looking at all the cornerstones of what makes a ceramic tribe, in order to understand what might be his own roots, his very individual ‘ceramic DNA’. Tenmokus, Celadons, Jomon pottery, Song Dynasty, Islamic and Japanese, Bronze age, Rococo, and many more families: LM explores the extraordinary 20,000 year ceramic legacy, in order to create a personal journey of intimate reading of the complete sphere klei-glaze, across the continents and history. DNA, Belonging, History & Actualisation are key words of his work.